About Us

In obedience to God’s calling, Jabbok Ministries was founded by Pam Jenkins in 2007. Having a God ordained mission to reach and impact the women of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 20:24), Jabbok Ministries is passionate to fulfill God’s calling. Zealous to win the lost by presenting the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, moved with compassion to minister to the hurting and the dying, compelled to visit and remember the prisoner as though in prison with them, to reach out to the widows and the orphans, to light the path of deliverance for those in bondage to drugs, prostitution, addictions & abuse. We are called to disciple the nations, give hope to the hopeless, encourage, strengthen and equip the Body of Christ.

Backed by God’s calling, trusting in His provision and relying on His power, we are committed to presenting a clear and relevant message of Jesus Christ through His love for women of all ages in all walks of life. Through the forms of media and communications, Retreats & Conferences, Biblical counseling services, strategically planting small group community Bible Studies, developing and distributing practical teaching resources and Bible Studies, we are steadfast to fulfill our calling by giving out the Living Word of God, that has the power to save, restore, forgive and empower any life, in a way that reaches every woman on every level in every area, every day.

To that end, firmly believing that God has equipped women with a unique gift of influence, we know that if we reach the woman, we will reach the home and if we reach the home, we will reach the world. We will not rest until every woman has; been spiritually equiped to fulfill God’s calling, has heard of God’s unfailing love and every woman knows Jesus as their personal Savior for there is hope in none other.